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Decorative Potion Bottles

Our decorative potions are the perfect gamer decor. Proudly add a touch of gamer personality into your home decor today. The perfect conversation starter & an amazingly unique gift for any gamer.

Decorative Potion Bottle Kits

Charm Add-ons

We have over 50 charms that can be added onto your potion bottle kids for a very low price. Completely optional but well worth the low price. Click Here to view our charm Add-ons.

Charm Add-ons for Potion Kits

As Seen on Twitch.TV

Many amazing streamers have received our potion decorations and loved them!

Pins & Plushies

Our potion bottle pins offer a unique design you can’t find anywhere else. Collect one today.

We are currently getting plushies made and will be selling them soon.


Pins & Plushies